Online Equipment for Valve Fault Diagnosis

With the cutting -edge Teledyne online valve fault diagnosis equipment from America, we can diagnose the valves installed on the pipelines of nuclear power stations, and raise suggestive repair solutions by accurately measuring the working parameters of valves and analyzing their health conditions. Through the diagnosis of valves, the change trend of the valve state can be obtained, and the safety hazards in the operation process of valves can be found timely and effectively, and the valve that really needs to be disassembled and maintained can be found. This can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the valve and greatly improve the safety and reliability of the system. The types of valves that can be diagnosed by this equipment include electric/pneumatic two-position valves and regulating valves. This technology is also applicable to the routine maintenance of important safety-related valves in the metallurgy, petrochemical and chemical industries.



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