Fugitive Test

In order to cope with the regulations on VOC (volatile organic compound)emissions of global chemical process control equipment, API has enactedemission standards on valve fugitive for linear motion valves and 1/4 rotaryvalves, which are API 624 and API 641 (not officially released). Meanwhile, tocontrol the fugitive of linear motion valves, API has enforced API 624 fugitiverequirements on the valves certified by API STD 600 label, meaning that allcertified valves must pass the API 624 test. We have built a test benchaccording to API 624 standards, which can test as large as 20-inch valves. TheAPI 624 can be completed under the witness of a third party.

API 624 fugitive test parameters

Test object: gate valve/stop valve;

Test pressure: 600 psig (4.14MPa);

Test temperature: RT, 260 (stuffing boxtemperature);

Temperature cycle: RT260 cycle 3 times;

Mechanical cycle: 310 opening and closing times;

Test medium: ≥97% methane;

Test method: probe method;

Allowable leakage: ≤100ppmV;


System interface of API 624 fugitive test

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